Green Emerald Ring Pusat Perhiasan

Green Emeralds

Why you should choose a GREEN EMERALD?

Deep green Emeralds which originated from Irish heritage, are often portrait as hope and faithfulness. Green Emeralds also symbolize the Roman God of Love, Venus. Green had increasing gain popularity this few years, when Panthone announced green as the “2017 Color of The Year”. Modern couples often choose green jewelry to portrait youth, and growth.

How to choose a GREEN EMERALD ring?

In colour, you should look at the hue and saturation of the green Emeralds. Hue means the colour of gemstones that you see. In emeralds, the main colour would be green, but it may has secondary colours of blue hues and yellow hues. Blue hues will make the green Emeralds to appear warmer and richer while yellow hues said to be balance out the blue of incandescent light. In the market blue hues are often more expensive than yellow hues.

Green emeralds often a wide range of saturation from light to very dark, with medium dark as the most popular choices. Essentially, you should pick a green Emeralds ring which suit your personal preference and taste.

Choosing a GREEN EMERALD ring

Cut is another factor which greatly influence the outlook of a gemstones. The most common cut is known as “Emerald Cut”, which able to enhance the brilliance of the Emeralds while minimize waste rough.

In clarity, inclusions are the determining factor. Inclusions are flaws which can be a scratch, fingerprint, etc. Ideally, you should choose an Emerald with no inclusions visible to naked eyes. It is recommended to avoid selecting an Emerald with inclusions close to the surface, which makes it vulnerable to damage.

Last aspect for evaluation would be carat, the weight of the green Emeralds. As many of you already know, the heavier the gemstones is, the more rare and expensive it would be. But quality is still the main determining factor for a green Emerald.

Example of green emerald

green emerald ring
green emerald ring


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