pink sapphire pusat perhiasan

Pink Sapphires

Why you should choose a PINK Sapphires?

Pink colour jewelry are often the most rare and precious gemstones. The pink colour are often portrait as femininity, loyalty, trust and unconditional love, which makes it a perfect engagement rings. It is also often associated with spring, as to bringing hope. Pink Sapphires are very suited in a blush themed wedding, where the bride with a blush wedding gown with pink Sapphires will definitely be the centre of attraction.

How to choose a PINK Sapphires ring?

Like most gemstones and rare stone, we can evaluate and verify pink Sapphires through the “4 Cs”, which is colour, clarity, cut and carat.

Pink Sapphires offer a wide range of colour from light to dark. You should look at the saturation of the pink Sapphires. Saturation means the amount of colour present in the. Most common colour that you can found is a medium tone of purplish red hue. Two most popular colour of pink Sapphires is light pink and high saturated medium pink. But essentially, you should pick a pink Sapphires ring which suit your personal preference and taste.

Choosing a PINK sapphires ring

In clarity, inclusions are the determining factor. Inclusions are flaws which can be a scratch, fingerprint, etc. Ideally, you should choose a Sapphires with no inclusions visible to naked eyes. However, it is highly advisable to not selecting a pink Sapphires which has zero inclusions, as a perfect pink Sapphires are very rare and it is most likely synthetic.

Best clarity grade is Perfection, followed by VVS (very very slightly included) and VS (very included)

Cut is another factor which greatly influence the outlook of a gemstones. For pink Sapphires, good cut able to bring out the sparkling of the gemstones, especially those with light colours.

Last aspect for evaluation would be carat, the weight of the pink Sapphires. As many of you already know, the heavier the gemstones is, the more rare and expensive it would be. Although it is less expensive than a pink diamond, but it is the rarest and most expensive among other colours of Sapphires.

Grading of PINK Sapphires

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