Find Your Perfect Engagement Ring

  • Find a perfect soulmate – Check!
  • Ask for permission from her parents – Check!
  • Plan a kick-ass proposal – Check!
  • Buy a perfect engagement ring – Hmmmm…

Finding a perfect engagement is an overwhelming task, and the thought of your future bride didn’t like the one you pick, increase your pressure on this purchase even more. Here, we have listed out a step by step guide to choose a perfect engagement ring to compliment your beautiful future bride.


Step 1: Establish a budget

Start by browsing through to get an idea how much an engagement ring cost, then take into account other expenses that you have to made for the proposal, then come out with a budget for the engagement ring.

The saying that says “A man must spend two months salary for an engagement ring” is a myth, you do not need to break your bank to get one, and you can often find your perfect engagement ring in with an affordable price.

Step 2:

Find a perfect engagement ring style that your future bride love, will definitely show how considerate are you and how much you care about her.

There are a few ways you can use to get to know her ring style better, and the key to it is attentive to every single details.

You can start by paying attention to the jewelry she is wearing, and try to figure out her preference of materials, color, style and stones.

Another way which you can try is find for clues when shopping. What kind of jewelry she often looks at, what is the comments she gave. You can even find any excuse to go to a jewelry store to initiate it.

Step 3:
Choose a RING BAND

There are four main type of ring band you can choose from, platinum, rose gold, white gold and yellow gold. Every type of metal has its pros and cons, in terms of budget, style, maintainability and durability.

Feel free to read our dedicated post explaining in details about each metal.

You also can choose a ring band based on your future bride style, for example, a more fashion woman will prefer platinum and white gold band, whereas a woman which has a classical taste will prefer a yellow gold band.

Step 4:

After choosing a ring band, it’s time to choose a stone for your ring, be it gemstones or diamond. When choosing a stone, you must first consider your future bride preference. If she prefer a coloured jewelry, you can consider a Gemstones, such as blue Sapphire, green Emerald. Or if she has a taste on her birthstone.

After choosing the type of stone, you can move on to choose a quality one. A common set of criteria you can use is 4C’s, known as cut, color, clarity and carat. You can read an in depth guide on how to select a quality diamond and gemstones in Pusat Perhiasan blog.

Step 5:

Ring setting is essentially how the stone hold to the ring band. There are a few major setting, but it is still boil down to your future bride preference and style.

You can read further in Pusat Perhiasan post describing each type of ring setting and preference according to woman style.

Step 6:

This is particularly important to help you to save cost (to avoid modification after purchase) and to avoid embarrassment if your ring can’t fit your future bridge’s finger during proposal.

The best way to know her size is to get one of her ring, without noticed, to a jeweler, they can help you measure the size of the ring.

Step 7:
You are ready!

After reading the 6 steps guide, you should have a grasp on how to find a perfect engagement ring for your future bride.

Heads on to our online store to browse our engagement ring collection.

Even better, customize every single details of your engagement ring to your preference through our Customize Your Ring features. A personal, and one of a kind engagement ring able to make your special day even more special.

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