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Choosing a right engagement ring might be one of the most important purchase in your life. Select one which suit your future bride, able to bring the most out of your bride and display to the public how significant your bride are to you.

When choosing an engagement ring, there are several factors to consider, and one of the most significant factors is ring type. An engagement ring can be classical, modern or vintage style, and selecting one which suit you bride, can be pretty challenging.

Here, we will introduce all types of ring style, their characteristic and meaning. Pusat Perhiasan offer a wide variety of selection for each type of ring, and you are free to customize it based on the diamond or gemstones you prefer through PusatPerhiasan.com.

classic solitaire engagement ring

Classic Solitaire Engagement Rings

The most classic, simple, elegant and all-time favorite ring style for engagement ring. A classic Solitaire ring with an elegant band hold a single Diamond on the centre of the jewelry capturing everyone attention.

If you are a man, whom not clear on which ring style suit your future bride more, then you should consider getting a Classic Solitaire. Being the all-time-favourite style, you can go wrong with it. Your future bride also can further customize the ring with a ring enhancer or diamond wedding band. This flexibility offer huge potential on future ring styling and personalization. Besides that, classic Solitaire fits perfectly for small fingers lady and able to make small diamonds and gemstones appear bigger and more appealing.

Pavé Engagement Rings

Pavé engagement rings, known for its shimmering and dazzling, and the ability to capture everyone’s attention with its brilliance. A Pavé engagement ring has a centre big diamond, with small diamonds encrusted along the band, showing as little metal as possible. Pavé setting band can be encrusted with small diamond for the whole band, or just through halfway.

One of the benefit of Pavé setting is the ability to combine with other setting such as Halo, to further emphasize its brilliance or Micro-Pavé, to get a delicate and elegant looks. Round brilliant and princess-cut diamond best fits in Pavé Engagement Rings.

pave engagement ring

Channel Set Engagement Rings

Channel Set Engagement Rings, similar to a Pavé which has small diamonds surrounded the metal band. But the difference is the small diamonds are embedded into a channel and secure with a metal strap. This makes it a big pros over other diamond style, where it is more studier, diamond more secured and more suitable to wear daily. But it come with a price, where Channel Set diamond has lower visibility, hard to clean and hard to resize. Princess-cut diamond is the most popular choice for Channel Set engagement ring.

Side Stone Engagement Rings

A side stone engagement ring with a centre big diamond, are complemented with two or more smaller diamond. The complementing diamond are used to add size and brilliance of the centre diamond. One of the key point in selecting a side stone is choosing a side stone which its color complementing to the centre stone, the color should not be too contrast, or else it will looks yellowish and not appealing.

three stone engagement ring

Three-Stone Engagement Rings

Three-stone engagement rings, also known as trinity rings features a big centre diamond with two complementing diamond on either side. The three diamond representing past, present and future, of a relationship, are often used to symbolize romantic. One of the unique points of Three-Stone is the ability to add color to your ring, one of the popular style is complement a centre diamond with two blue Sapphires gemstones. Besides the spiritual meaning, Three-stones also offer more styling options and personalization.

Tension Set Engagement Rings

Tension Set rings are a rather unique rings, where the centre diamond are held by tension and force. The band of Tension Set rings are uniquely designed and crafted that it can held the diamond without prongs and metal beneath and surrounded it. With its unique shape, Tension Set rings can easily become the centre of attention, but the unique shape also contribute to the difficulty to do any size adjustment. One of the key point when looking for Tension Set ring is the diamond shape and cut are extremely important, as the whole diamond are showcased.

halo engagement ring

Halo Engagement Rings

Halo engagement rings have gained a lot of traction recently, with its modern looks and overall looks on fingers. Halo rings which features a big centre diamond with a lot of small diamonds encrusted on the band, create a dazzling looks. Besides that, Halo rings able to make the centre diamond bigger and cover more finger surface, without spending more budget to get a bigger diamond. Perfect for a couple in a tight budget, but don’t want to compromise the outlook and sparkle of the ring.

Wedding Set

Hard to find a complementary wedding and engagement ring? Here in Pusat Perhiasan, we offered a wide range of matching wedding and engagement ring. It’s often hard to find complimentary rings if you bought the rings separately. What even better is, Pusat Perhiasan offer not only complimentary wedding and engagement ring, but also for both bride and groom. Through this set of jewelry, both groom and bride able to get similar outlooks ring with a convenient way.

wedding set engagement ring

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