4C’s – Carat

Carat is a terms that used to measure the weight of a diamond, but not the size of the diamond. But relatively, the heavier the weight, naturally the bigger the diamond. However, among all the other factors, we do think that carat is the least priority that you should focus on. Diamond is all about its brilliance and sparkle, and carat has the least to do with it.

But as a general guide, you should choose a carat which fit your budget, personal preference and your ring setting. But do remind that, carat is not only the determining factors of the price of a diamond, often a good cut, and a colorless diamond may constitutes to it too.

There are too many misconceptions are misbelief that carat weight is the most important factors in choosing a diamond. Often, it is also the first questions pop by a bride friends and family. So for the sake of prestige and admiration, people often sacrifice good cuts for a higher carat diamond, which in turns get a lower quality diamond because of bad cuts and low brilliance. A diamond with good cut, able to preserve as much diamond materials as possible, giving you the best quality and sparkle diamond with the least budget.

Final tips

One final tips and a cool life pro tips is don’t choose a whole number carat weight.

Go for a 0.9 carat rather than 1 carat diamond, always!

Even though that it is just difference by 0.1 carat, and you won’t notice by naked eyes, but sometimes the price can be differ by a lot. Probably due to human psychology and marketing tactics, a whole number carat weight such as 1.0 and 2.0 may price higher than it should be.

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