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4C’s – Cut

4C’s – Cut

Cut of a diamond is the determining factor of its brilliance and fire. As you may already know, the sparkle and shining of a diamond, is caused when light is reflected from the diamond to our eyes. A well cut diamond able to reflect the most possible light back, causing high brilliance and sparkle of the diamond. Not only that, it makes the diamond appear larger, but able to hide some mild flaw and inclusion of the diamond.


A good cut diamond is determined by its cut proportion. A proportion cut will allow lights to enter on top and reflect out from the top, causing high brilliance and fire. A cut which is too deep, will caused the light to be escape out through the side, while a shallow cut will caused the light to be leak from the bottom.


Grade of a Diamond Cut

Grading of a diamond cut is the most standard and accurate way to determine how good is the diamond cut. However it is recommend to follow international and global standards which are GIA and AGS cut grades to get a more accurate and consistent result. You should avoid utilizing in-house grading report, as it may contain bias towards their own benefit.

RecommendationGIA Cut GradeAGS Cut Grade
Best buy!Excellent Ideal (AGS 0)
Acceptable.Very GoodExcellent (AGS 1)
Better not.GoodVery Good (AGS 2)
Stay away from!Fair Good (AGS 3 - 4)
PoorFair (AGS 5 - 7)
Poor (AGS 8 - 10)



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