4C’s – Clarity


For a diamond clarity, inclusions are the determining factor. Inclusions are flaws which can be a scratch, fingerprint, etc. An eye clean diamond able to highlight the brilliance, and the sparkle of a diamond even more.


Ideally, you should choose a diamond with no inclusions visible to naked eyes. The less visible the inclusions, the more valuable the diamond are. However, it is highly advisable to not selecting a diamond which has zero inclusions, as a diamond are very rare and it is most likely synthetic.


Before you went shopping for a diamond, make sure you know each clarity grades and their respective condition.

IF (Internally Flawless)No inclusions and no blemishes under 10x magnification
FL (Flawless)No inclusions visible under 10x magnification
(Very very slightly included)
Inclusions are so slight that it is hard for a skilled grader to notice under 10x magnification
(Very slightly included)
Inclusions can be noticed under 10x magnification with some effort
(Slightly included)
Inclusions are visible under 10x magnification
Inclusions are obvious under 10x magnification

May affect brilliance of the diamond


Which diamond clarity grade should I choose?

Rule 1: Never choose an I2 and I3 grade

I2 and I3 grade diamonds often has inclusions and scratches which are visible to eyes. Those inclusions not only will affect its overall looks, its brilliance will be affected as well. We do think that it is not worth to get an I2 and I3 grade, as if your budget is lower, you can go for a higher quality and appealing gemstones such as Sapphire, Ruby or Emerald.


Rule 2: FL, IF, VVS1, VVS2, and VS1 as priority

FL, IF, VVS1, VVS2, and VS1 clarity grades are guaranteed to be eye-clean, and normally you will not notice any difference using naked eyes. But with higher clarity grade, there will be lesser inclusions under 10x magnification.


Rule 3: VS2, SI1, and SI2 as second option

If you survey hard enough and research more, you probably can find several VS2, SI1, and SI2 clarity grade which are eye clean. If you able to find one, congratulate you for getting a steal, because you can get a high clarity diamond with a relatively low price.

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