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Diamond Shapes

What Diamond Shapes Can You Find in Pusat Perhiasan?

Perhaps when it comes to diamond, most of the people will think of the classic round diamond shapes. Pusat Perhiasan offers many different shapes of diamond which includes the most popular diamond shapes, Round diamond, Princess diamond, Cushion diamond, Marquise diamond, Emerald diamond, Radiant diamond, Pear diamond, Oval diamond and Asscher diamond. Pusat Perhiasan vows to offer clients the highest quality diamonds and carry the largest selection of loose diamonds in Indonesia.

asscher cut diamond

Asscher Cut Diamond

Asscher is square rather than rectangular. It is considered as octagonal since all four corners are cropped. Asscher cut diamonds have step-cut faceting rather than brilliant-cut faceting, making them understand and elegant. Diamond experts often describing the Asscher cut diamond as an endless hallway with reflective mirrors. Asscher cuts in Pusat Perhiasan have an old world sophistication. Women who loves antiques and unique designs tend to gravitate more toward Asscher cuts for their retro look.

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Brilliant Cut Diamonds

Brilliant cut diamond has become the choice of consumer in today’s marketplace as it shows the modern concept of beauty. Brilliant Cut diamonds, are crafted in a cone shape, allowing maximum light pass through the top. This constitutes for maximum brilliance and sparkles from the diamond. Among others, round brilliant cuts are the most popular choices, due to its shape and brilliance.

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brilliant cut diamond pusat perhiasan

Cushion Cut Diamonds

Cushion Cut diamonds, as the name suggests, are rectangle in shape with rounded corner. The popularity of cushion cut diamonds are picking up lately, especially to complement a Halo setting. The most important key point when selecting a cushion cut diamond is not select one with a low color grade. Cushion Cut diamonds are poor in retaining color, as a general guide, you should look for a cushion cut diamonds with color H or above.

Emerald Cut Diamond

Emerald Cut Diamond, using the step-up cut for an Emerald, are shaped in an elongated rectangle shape with truncated corner. An Emerald Cut diamond make a diamond appear bigger than its actual size with its bigger top surface area. Besides that, its elongated shape also make a woman’s finger looks longer and slender. One important key points when selecting an Emerald Cut diamond, is choose one with high clarity, recommendation would be at least SI1, as the inclusions can be seen with naked eye especially with an Emerald Cut.

Emerald Cut Diamond
heart shaped diamond ring pusat perhiasan

Heart Cut Diamond

Heart shape diamond, the symbol of utmost love and romantic, makes it one of the most popular choices for an engagement ring. Two key factors in selecting a heart shaped diamond is carat and cut. Recommended carat for a heart shaped diamond would be at least 0.5 carat, to display enough details and shape of a diamond. To select a heart shaped diamond with good cut, general rules is selecting one with its shape similar to a heart shaped, which means symmetrical shape of the two halves, distinct and sharp cleft between of halves and slightly rounded wings.

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Marquise Cut Diamond

Marquise Cut diamond, is a modified brilliant cut, with the shape of a football or hull of a sailboat. Its narrow and long shape, with a larger face up which makes it appear bigger than a round diamond, makes it an excellent option if you want a big looks with a tight budget. Similar to an Emerald cut, it tends to make a woman finger appear longer and slender. One of the key factor of a good Marquise cut diamond is symmetrical shape. An ideal Marquise Cut diamond will have a symmetrical shape on both vertically and horizontally.

marquise diamond ring

Oval Cut Diamond

Oval Cut diamond, a modified round brilliant cut, with the shape of an oval. With similar brilliance and sparkle with a round diamond, it is an excellent option for those who like the brilliance of a round diamond with a unique shape. Although that Oval Cur is more rare, but the demand is pretty low caused that you can get an unique Oval ring with a pretty tight budget. Similar to Emerald and Marquise, it tends to make a woman finger appear longer and slender.

Princess Cut Diamond

A Princess Cut diamond, second most popular and on demand diamond, just right after the classic round cut. Princess Cut diamond has a brilliance rectangle or square sharp with a sharp corner. One of the reason it is so popular is because of its versatile and ability to fit well with most of the ring style. However, it is recommended to choose one ring style that able to protect the 4 sharp corner of the diamond. Another reason contribute to its popularity is more affordable. Princess Cut is yield from a rough diamond, and the ability to retain most of the diamond materials, makes it one of the more budget option to go for. In terms of color of a Princess Cut diamond, we believe that H color or I color would worth the most value.

princess cut diamond
Radiant cut diamond

Radiant Cut Diamond

The first square cut, which combines square shape with a round cut, and at the same time, able to retain the brilliance of a round cut. Live up to its name, Radiant, a Radiant cut has the second highest brilliance just next to a Round Cut diamond. As compared to another rectangle shaped cut, Princess Cut, Radiant Cut which has a rounded corner, has a lower risk of diamond breaking and caught on clothes or hair.

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