How to choose?

Through Pusat Perhiasan, you can customize your own, perfect ring which is suits your taste, preference and unique personality. You able to choose the exact diamonds or gemstones that you wish, your ring setting and the ring metal materials.

Start by choosing whether you wish to start with selecting a diamond, or with a ring setting. If diamond quality is your main criteria, then we would recommend you to start with diamond, if not, start with ring setting would be fine for you.

After that, just follow along the steps through the website. After selecting a diamond, a ring setting and ring metal materials, then you are just one step away from getting your own unique ring. Confirm your order through the order summary and checkout the item. After payment is confirmed, you able to track the status of your item through your account, and receive your unique ring once it is crafted by our jeweler.

We aim to provide you the opportunity to create your own unique ring with ease, and affordable price.