Orders and Rings Size

I see a ring on your site, and I love it! May I give it a try?

No, for the purpose of minimizing overhead costs such as rental, inventory, safety deposit storage, security and in-house safekeeping insurance, PusatPerhiasan.com does not keep any jewelry at inventory but we do allow customers to create a cheaper version of the ring or any jewelry with low cost materials such as silver 925 and Swarovski crystals for example at a fraction of a gold jewelry.

Can I design a special engagement ring?

Yes. Custom designing an engagement ring is the best way to create the perfect ring for your unique personality – a beautiful expression of love. Learn more about designing your own custom engagement ring or filling out this form to get started. You may also contact customer service during working hours for any inquiries.

How do I find my ring size?

There are several methods available to determine the size of your ring (or the size of a loved one). Please click here to download a PDF file that provides you guideline to measure your ring size..

Are 'Design your Own' rings considered special orders and entitled to money back guarantee?

No, PusatPerhiasan.com does not provide money back guarantee for each products listed on the website because these are measures to reduce inventory and specifically, ‘custom made’ are built solely based your design, however in an unlikely event of dispute, PusatPerhiasan.com will only refund 90% of the sale to the customer for if the final product does not match with customer’s specifications or major imperfections due to human error.

Will the name ‘PP’ written in the ring?

PusatPerhiasan.com will only stamp your ring with metal type (750 or Platinum) and the “PP” hallmark so that you will able to enjoy our PusatPerhiasan.com Guarantee.

I have my own diamond but I want to buy one of your ring settings. Can you set my diamond into a PusatPerhiasan ring?

Yes, of course! PusatPerhiasan.com will help to set your diamond into the ring setting you have purchased,  for free but please contact our office first so that we can anticipate to receive the delivery of your diamond and write a note detailing the exact shape and millimeter dimensions of your diamond so we can properly adjust the size of the prongs. PusatPerhiasan.com will not be liable to cover the cost of delivery and insurance and we expect to receive your diamond as soon as possible before we start processing your order.

Please note: While we will take every precaution measures to ensure that your diamonds are professionally installed into the ring setting, PusatPerhiasan.com cannot be held liable for damages that may occur during the setup process. Cubic zirconia (CZ), diamond simulants, clarity-enhanced diamonds, gemstones in general, or other diamond substitutes are particularly susceptible to damage. An enhanced diamond or diamond simulant must clearly marked when delivering the goods to our office.

If I buy loose engagement rings and diamonds, do I have to pay extra to insert a diamond into the ring?

Of course not! In fact, we encourage you to choose your diamonds separately – this is what makes your jewelry unique!

Can you carve my ring?

Yes, PusatPerhiasan.com will be happy to personalize your ring with the inscription/engraving for a small fee of Rp 250,000. – (Two hundred and fifty thousand Indonesian rupiah.)

Please note: Customers are liable to pay the 2-way delivery.

What if I do not order the correct ring size?

Every customer is entitled to one free ring resizing within 30 days of purchase.

PusatPerhiasan.com will help return your ring to you 2-3 days’ time through an insured local courier service.

Please note that eternity bands and tension rings cannot be resized and must be completely remanufactured.

If I would like to place an international order, do I pay customs fees to PusatPerhiasan.com or my courier?

At the moment, PusatPerhiasan.com does not ship abroad but we do plan in shipping our jewelry abroad soon.

What if I have a question about my order, want to change it, or need to cancel it?

For questions about your order, contact PusatPerhiasan.com’s Customer Service at (021) 391 3388 during our office hour which is Mon-Fri (10am – 6pm) | Sat (10am – 5pm), or send e-mail to contact@PusatPerhiasan.com.

You can check the status of your order online by clicking here. You will need provide the order number and your email address.

What if I need help ordering?

If you need help with placing an order, contact us here,during our office hour which is Mon-Fri (10am – 6pm) | Sat (10am – 5pm),

Gemstone, Diamonds and Jewelry

What is a GIA, AGS and IGI diamond certificate?

A Gemological Institute of America (GIA), American Gem Society (AGS), or International Gemological Institute (IGI) diamond certificate assures the value and quality of your diamond. GIA, AGS and IGI are the gold standard in diamond grading. Their reports outlines the main characteristics of each diamond.

What's 'Four C'?

The Four C’s – Carat (size), Color, Clarity and Cut – are the industry grade standard from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). Every diamond is specifically assessed on these features.

What does the term 'clean eye' mean?

“Eye-Clean” is the term used to describe a clean diamond to the unaided eye in a facing upwards position from a distance of 20 to 25 centimeters. Diamond VS2 or higher quality will be clean. Diamonds of SI1, SI2 and I1 need to be checked visually for any inclusions that are visible from the top.

How can I make sure the diamond I receive is actually the diamond I ordered?

PusatPerhiasan.com only sells diamond with a reputable and independent gemological laboratory such as Gemological Institute of America (GIA), American Gem Society (AGS), International Gemological Institute (IGI) and other local gemological laboratory includes SKY Gemological laboratory, Gem Research International Lab (GRI) , International Gemological laboratory (IGL), Adamas Gemological Laboratory (AGL), Ben’s International Gemological Center PTE, Ltd. (BIG LAB), Tasbih Scientific Gemological Laboratory (TGL), Dufau Gem Lab (DGL) and Pegadaian G-Lab.

I found a diamond, gemstone and pearls on your site that I like. Is it available?

Yes. All items on our website are available for purchase.

What is the quality of diamond used in your jewelry?

Small diamonds with carat of 0.02cts – 0.07cts are termed as ‘MELEE’ and are cut in factories around the world and available in a variety of qualities however, PusatPerhiasan.com only selects:

Nama : Natural Diamond / Berlian

– Origin : Eropa

– Bentuk : Round Cut Briliant

– Clarity : VVS

– Warna : D,E,F

– Diameter : 0.08mm – 4.00mm

– Berat : 0.003 – 0.3 ct

– Kekerasan : 10 mohs

– Keterangan : Batu asli (100%natural)

– Serat : ada

We are proud to use a collection of diamond melee in all of our engagement designs.

Is your diamond laser treated, clarity enhanced, refined, or modified in any way?

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA), the American Gem Society (AGS), and the International Gemological Institute (IGI) will not issue an assessment report on diamonds that have been processed or upgraded, so by purchasing our diamonds – all of which are GIA, AGS or IGI certified – is another assurance that your diamonds are natural.

Are gemstone used in your jewelry natural or synthetic?

PusatPerhiasan.com only sells natural gemstones. Every gemstone used in our jewelry is mined from the earth. We do not sell synthetic gemstones or laboratories though some gemstones might have minor enhancement which is detailed in the lab report.

Is there a gemstone used in your jewelry hot treatment?

Yes. It is very common for natural gemstones to be heated. Heated stone can intensify color and clarity, making gemstones more beautiful and precious. In addition, emeralds are usually infused with oil resin, wax or colorless to improve appearance and luster. Almost all rubies and emeralds in the jewelry market are currently heated or treated in a certain way.

Is the 18k white gold ring yellow from time to time?

Yes, very little effects over time. To give 18kt white Gold a pure white colour, it is coated with rhodium. This is a standard practice for 18kt, 20kt and 22kt White Gold jewelry. Over time, rhodium plating can disappear. When that happens, a true colour of white gold will appear. PusatPerhiasan.com offers a lifetime free rhodium coating for all our jewelry.

What is a conflict-free diamond?

Conflict-free diamond is not obtained from sources that have human rights violations, child labor, violence, or environmental degradation.

PusatPerhiasan.com works strictly in selecting our diamond suppliers and they guarantee that their diamonds are from conflict-free environments.

How often do you add diamonds to your inventory?

PusatPerhiasan.com will work to provide with huge array of diamonds on a daily basis by working closely together in broadening our vendor’s product range and by adding new vendors.

What is 'Cut'?

A diamond’s cut determines how effectively the light returns to the viewer’s eye: a well-cut diamond looks brilliant and fiery, while the uncut stone looks dark and lifeless. A well-cut diamond pieces often appear larger than pieces of the same carat. To learn more about cuts, click here.

About Us

Do you have a retail store in Indonesia?

No, PusatPerhiasan.com does not own or operate any retail jewelry stores, this has allow us to reduce overhead cost and focus our energy and resources to exclusively in delivering quality products, service and building a exciting shopping experience – giving you a quality product far cheaper and better than your local jewelry retail shop.

Do you have gemologists on staff?

No, PusatPerhiasan.com currently does not have any qualified G.I.A gemologist on staff in order to save operating costs but we do work with leading gemological laboratories and gemology experts to source, evaluate and inspecting PusatPerhiasan’s products; specifically for authenticity, certification and ensuring the highest standards of integrity in all our business operations. If you have any doubt, feel free to communicate with customer service.

Where is Corporate Office of PusatPerhiasan.com?

Our corporate office is located in heart of Jakarta, PusatPerhiasan.com

Graha Texascom,
Jalan Proklamasi No. 77, Menteng, Jakarta Pusat, 10321

(021) 391 3388

Long Term Insurance Care

Do you clean or care for the jewelry that is sold on PusatPerhiasan.com?

All jewelry purchased from PusatPerhiasan.com is entitled to be cleaned for free once every six months. You can send your jewelry to our office for free prong tightening, re-polishing, gold re-plating and cleaning services. Contact Our Customer Service Person at (021) 391 3388 for more information.

What is covered by your lifetime warranty?

All our jewelry is manufactured with highest quality materials, upholding full product integrity and checked before delivery. We stand behind everything we sell and guarantee that all goods will be free from defective of any sort at the time of delivery. Our lifetime guarantee offers free prong tightening, re-polishing, gold re-plating and cleaning services

If there is a problem with your jewelry or you need another service that is not covered under a lifetime warranty, you can send your jewelry to our office for evaluation. Once checked, should it cost you, you will be notified before doing any work is done to your jewelry.

Please Contact Us if you have any questions or would like to return your items to take advantage of a lifetime warranty or request any additional repair work required to service your PusatPerhiasan.com jewelry.

Do you fully insure jewelry?

PusatPerhiasan.com only provides delivery insurance and does not provide any jewelry insurance beyond that coverage.

Are you providing insurance coverage during delivery?

Yes, PusatPerhiasan.com to provides insurance covering the full value of the jewelry at the time of delivery.

Shipping & Delivery

To where do you deliver your goods to?

PusatPerhiasan.com only deliver goods to the whole of Indonesia, using reputable courier such as Go-Send, RPX and PusatPerhiasan.com’s in house courier. International shipments will be conducted soon.

How much does delivery cost?

PusatPerhiasan.com provides free and fast delivery to all destination orders, regardless of order quantity.

What if I need an item sooner than the date listed on the website?

Every engagement ring and wedding band on our website is carefully crafted at the time of order. While we are able expedite some orders, we highly encourage you to allow adequate time for your design to be completed and inspected by our Quality Control team.

Are you a 'drop-shipper'?

Every item sold by PusatPerhiasan.com is checked by our quality control department before being sent to ensure care and satisfaction.

What if my jewelry disappears when shipping?

All purchases are fully covered by insurance, should a delivery gone missing, your selected courier will be responsible to cover the loss.

Is your shipment guaranteed?

Yes. Our goods are fully insured during transit. All purchases will have a telephone call confirmation upon receiving the goods.

How long after I order my item will be shipped?

To allow time for properly inspect by our experts, loose diamonds, gemstones and pearls are sent 1-4 days after payment. All delivery mode will be chosen for top priority, fastest and safest. All other jewelry and engagement rings will be delivered in one to three weeks, depending on the jewelry production schedule. The delivery range is located on the detail page for each item. Weekend delivery will be conducted on the following Monday. Other jewelry items excluding rings, are subjected to supply and manufacturing processes which may take up to maximum of 1month.

Can I ship to a different address with my billing address?

Yes, for security and safety reasons, it is reminded to best stick with your billing address to safeguard the item purchased.

Privacy and Security

Is shopping in PusatPerhiasan.com safe?

Yes. PusatPerhiasan.com ensures that our customer purchases are safe. We use secure encryption and fraud protection for all credit card transactions. All sensitive data is encrypted using 256-bit Secure Socket Layers (SSL). You can view our GoDaddy.com Certificates to see an independent verification of the security of our site.

Will my personal information be shared with third parties?

No, PusatPerhiasan.com will store and secure your personal information 100% private and confidential.

Do you have an upgrade policy?

Yes. Each diamond can be redeemed for 100% PusatPerhiasan.com instore credit for a new purchase worth at least 2x the original amount. Improved diamonds must be in original condition and accompanied by original laboratory appraisal documents. We can also remodel most rings to accommodate new diamonds at minimal cost.